CC&GTCC Membership Application

Please put the required information in the message boxes, select the appropriate category of membership from the drop-down menu, and click the add to cart button to proceed to the 'checkout'.

Your Name, Address, Phone and email details will be collected on the checkout page that follows (unless you pay by paypal in which case they will be collected automatically).  Please ensure you complete these correctly so that your membership application is processed promptly.  Please note you do not need to have a paypal account to use the paypal checkout.


If you do not wish to apply on-line, click here for an application you can print and mail, but please note that non-US members must use the on-line option. NOTE ALSO that any 'paper' payments must be in US$ AND DRAWN ON A US BANK.

Discounted multi-year membership packages are now available.  People wanting multi-year with first class mail option, please select a multi-year option, and then also 'buy' the 'one year first class mail' option from the regular option box.  For prices on combinations not listed please contact the Membership Officer.  Please note that overseas members have the option of a membership without receiving the magazine at the same rates as Regular Membership.  Please pay using the Regular Membership options and notify the Membership Officer accordingly.

Please indicate clearly in the message boxes below:
1. The name (if any) of the member that referred you, or, in the case of application for associate membership, the name and membership# of the current member.
2. Whether you wish your Name/Address and Phone# to appear in the club membership directory.

Membership Options
Referring member or CCGTCC#
Publish Name/Address?

Contact:         For More Information Regarding Membership          For Technical Issues