Eric Rosenblum

Eric Rosenblum


An early member of CC&GTCC, attorney Eric Rosenblum began collecting chips in the early 1980’s. Shortly after the Club’s organization, Eric was drafted to begin the work of incorporating the Club and doing the work necessary for the Internal Revenue Service to recognize the Club as a charitable, educational organization (501[c][3]). That status has exempted the Club from income taxes, and has allowed people to deduct their donations to the Club.

At the Club’s first convention in Las Vegas in 1993, city officials served notice that the Club’s planned auction would be considered unlawful and would be prohibited. In two days of intensive meetings with city officials, Eric, along with Michael Knapp, managed to reach an agreement with the city that allowed the auction to proceed. He has also assisted the Club in pursuing a collector who purchased chips at a convention with bad checks.

Eric has served as the Club’s parliamentarian at its annual meetings for more than 10 years, and has recently revised and rewrote the Club’s Constitution: its primary governing document. He has sold chips and casino memorabilia at a table at several CC&GTCC conventions.

Rosenblum was admitted to practice in 1982, and his office is in Levittown, NY. He lives in Merrick, NY with Gale and his children, Hailey and Chip.

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