For more information on how to participate in the auctions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Auction items that are listed as donated in the list (over 90%) been donated and the club receives 100% of the proceeds.

For instructions on how to bid, please see the terms and conditions at the front of the catalog.  You can place bids by emailing us. Shipping rates for absentee winning bidders are listed in the 2024 Club Auction Shipping document.

The Final hammer prices are below.

2024 CCA Auction

Location: South Point Hotel & Casino - 2024 CCA Auction
Date: 06/13/2024
Time: 7:00 PM

Silent Auction Lots

LotDescriptionDonatedHammer Price
ASet of 4 American School of Gaming training chips, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
B$25 Binion's Horseshoe, Las Vegas, Nevada15.00
CCher-Ae-Heights Card Capper, Trinidad, California5.00
DSet of 3 Cook & Wickstrom, San Francisco, California10.00
E$5 El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
F$25 MGM Millennium token, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
GLot of 5 Australia & New Zealand, Various, Australasia5.00
HLot of 8 Canadian chips, Various, Canada5.00
ILot of 7 BPOE Crest & Seals, Various, US5.00
JLot of 24 Crest & Seals, Various, Various45.00
KMixed Lot of 12 Foreign chips, Various, Various5.00
LLot of 7 numbers in sticks, Various, Various5.00
M$10 New York Poker Club, New York, NY5.00
NPair of Osborne Coinage chip samples, Cincinnati, Ohio10.00
OMixed lot of 3 Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
PLot of 3 scarcer Palms business card chips, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
QPair of 49mm Paulson promo chips, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
RRiviera A crest & seal roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
SSet of 3 Shoalwater Bay chips, Tokeland, WA5.00
TPair of Stations Casinos card cappers, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00

Live Auction Lots

LotDescriptionDonatedHammer Price
1Set of 4 Bally Gaming manufacturers samples, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00
2Set of 5 Oceans 11 Bellagio movie props, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
3$25 Bill & Dan's, Elko, Nevada15.00
4Lot of 7 Bill Borland associated personals, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
5$5 Binions Horsehoe Hall of Fame set of 24, Las Vegas, Nevada400.00
6Pair of Blue Square Poker cappers, London, UK10.00
7Lot of 5 Boardwalk Regency chips, Atlantic City, New Jersey20.00
8500 Boomtown NCV, Verdi, Nevada10.00
9$5 Boulder Club, Las Vegas, Nevada15.00
1010c Boulder Club, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
115 Bourbon Street NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
1225 Bourbon Street NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
13$5 Bowery Club, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
14$1 & $5 Cactus Petes NCV's, Jackpot, Nevada20.00
15Caesars ND white, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
16100 Caesars Palace NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
17Set of 9 Casino Club Astera chips, Varna, Bulgaria30.00
18$5 Cattle Baron, Henderson, Nevada90.00
19$25 Cattle Baron, Henderson, Nevada360.00
20Set of 4 44mm Slammer Grand Roulette samples, Windham, Maine10.00
21Set of 3 Classic Poker Chips manufacturers sample plaques, Portland, Maine25.00
22$500 Desert Inn, Las Vegas, Nevada80.00
23$1 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada150.00
24$5 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada260.00
25$5 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada230.00
26$25 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada430.00
27$25 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada620.00
28$100 Dick Graves Nugget, Sparks, Nevada625.00
2950c Don French's Bonanza, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
30$1 El Morocco Club, Las Vegas, Nevada35.00
31$5 El Morocco Club, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
32$5 El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
33$25 El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
34$5 Felix DeVere, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
35$25 Felix DeVere, Las Vegas, Nevada45.00
36Lot of 12 $5 Fiesta commemorative chips, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
37$5 Fiesta 5 years of service in case, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
38Flamingo crest & seal roulette table 2 white, Las Vegas, Nevada325.00
39$25 Fremont Faro, Las Vegas, Nevada35.00
40$100 Fremont Faro, Las Vegas, Nevada45.00
4125 Frontier NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
42Set of 3 Gold Country Inn NCV's, Elko, Nevada15.00
43$1 Gold Rush, Cripple Creek, Colorado10.00
44$5 Golden Bank, Reno, Nevada20.00
4525c Golden Bubble, Gardnerville, Nevada75.00
4650c Golden Bubble, Gardnerville, Nevada75.00
47$5 Golden Bubble, Gardnerville, Nevada90.00
48$1 Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
49$5 Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada60.00
5025c Golden Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada200.00
51Lot of 5 HR Tokens / Strikes, Las Vegas, Nevada70.00
52Lot of 8 Hard Rock Café Holiday commemoratives, Various, Various30.00
53Lot of 18 Hard Rock Café City chips, Various, Various50.00
54$1 Harolds Club, Reno, Nevada5.00
55$20 Harolds Club, Reno, Nevada15.00
561 Harrahs New Orleans NCV, New Orleans, Louisiana10.00
57Pair of $25 Harrah's New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana40.00
5810c Harrahs, Reno/Tahoe, Nevada20.00
5910c Harrahs, Reno/Tahoe, Nevada10.00
60Set of 5 Harvey's Central City, Central City, Colorado10.00
61Harvey's Wagon Wheel red, Lake Tahoe, Nevada20.00
62Set of 3 Harvey's Wagon Wheel Central City, Central City, Colorado35.00
63HC Edwards manufacturers sample, New York, New York20.00
64$25 Holiday in Reno, Reno, Nevada30.00
65100 Horseshoe Las Vegas NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada15.00
66$1 Kings Castle free play, Lake Tahoe, Nevada10.00
67$5 Kings Castle free play, Lake Tahoe, Nevada20.00
685 Las Vegas Club NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
695 Las Vegas Club NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
70Las Vegas Club roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
71Lot of 3 Las Vegas Club roulettes, Las Vegas, Nevada80.00
72$20 Las Vegas Hilton baccarat, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
73$100 Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada70.00
74$5 Last Frontier Silver Slipper chip, Las Vegas, Nevada45.00
75$5 Legends, Winnemucca, Nevada30.00
76$25 Legends, Winnemucca, Nevada15.00
77$100 Legends, Winnemucca, Nevada35.00
78£100 Les Ambassadeurs, London, UK15.00
79£1000 Les Ambassadeurs, London, UK20.00
80£5000 Les Ambassadeurs, London, UK25.00
81£25000 Les Ambassadeurs, London, UK30.00
82Lot of 3 Atlantis, Atlantic City, New Jersey25.00
83$5 Lucky Spur, Carson City, Nevada35.00
84$5 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
85$20 MGM Grand baccarat, Las Vegas, Nevada35.00
86Set of 7 Mirage Springs, Desert Hot Springs, California25.00
87Mixed lot of NCV's, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
88Pair of Las Vegas $25's, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
89Mixed lot of 8 Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
90$25 LV mixed lot of 3, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
91Lot of 8 older Las Vegas roulettes, Las Vegas, Nevada15.00
92Lot of 16 Las Vegas $5 commemoratives, Las Vegas, Nevada35.00
93Lot of 4 Chinese New Year plaques, Unknown, Unknown30.00
94Lot of 4 Chinese New Year plaques, Unknown, Unknown30.00
95Lot of 10 $5 Colorado chips, Various, Colorado40.00
96Mixed lot of 3 LV/NV, Various, Nevada30.00
97Mixed Lot of 6 NV $5's, Various, Nevada10.00
98Lot of 15 $5 Indian & Riverboat, Various, US35.00
99Lot of 10 $2.50 Indian & Riverboat, Various, US20.00
100Lot of 16 $1 Indian & Riverboat, Various, US25.00
101Lot of 12 illegals, Various, US40.00
102Mixed Lot of 7 Indian & Riverboat $5's, Various, US10.00
103Lot of 3 $500 Indian casino chips, Various, US60.00
104Pair of manufacturers sample tokens, Various, US20.00
105Set of 3 Montgomery Pass Lodge, Montgomery Pass, Nevada30.00
106Mustang Club green roulette, Ely, Nevada55.00
107Mustang Club red roulette, Ely, Nevada60.00
108Mustang Club black roulette, Ely, Nevada70.00
109Mustang Club white roulette, Ely, Nevada60.00
110Mustang Club yellow roulette, Ely, Nevada60.00
111Pair of Palms Strikes, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
112Set of Palms $10 & $25 GO and 1st anniversary tokens, Las Vegas, Nevada35.00
113Set of 4 Palms Stuff tourny NCV's, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
114Set of 5 Palms NCV's, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
115Lot of 9 Palms Gene Trimble business card chips, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
116Pair of Park NCV's, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00
117Paulson Hilton oversize mold prototype chip, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
118Set of 4 43mm Paulson James Bond promo chips, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
119Pair of Paulson $10,000 Chinese New Year plaques, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
120$5 Paxton's Park Place, Las Vegas, Nevada80.00
121$25 Paxton's Park Place, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
122$500 Paxton's Park Place, Las Vegas, Nevada60.00
12350c / $5 Phoenix Casino error, Citrus Heights, California110.00
124$20 / 50c Phoenix Casino error, Citrus Heights, California110.00
1254 different Playboy AC $25's, Atlantic City, New Jersey30.00
126Set of 5 Premier Cruises chips, Cape Canaveral, Florida10.00
12710c Rainbow Club, Henderson, Nevada10.00
128Set of 4 Ramada Express NCV's, Laughlin, Nevada10.00
129$5 Ray & Ruth's Stardust, Jackpot, Nevada50.00
130$25 Ray & Ruth's Stardust, Jackpot, Nevada75.00
131$1 & $5 Red Baron, Bakersfield, California10.00
132Set of 3 Red Dolly Black Hawk, Black Hawk, Colorado20.00
133$5 Reel Deal, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
1345c Reno Card Room (FAW), Reno, Nevada10.00
13525c Reno Card Room (FAW), Reno, Nevada15.00
136Set of 4 Riviera Black Hawk, Black Hawk, Colorado10.00
137$25 Riviera baccarat, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
138Lot of 3 $10 Riviera millennium tokens, Las Vegas, Nevada45.00
139$5 Royal Nevada Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
140Set of 5 Sahara commemorative plaques, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
141Sal Sagev brown roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada80.00
142Sal Sagev green roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada70.00
143Sal Sagev white roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
144Sal Sagev blue roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada50.00
145Sams Town Bacalette, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
146$1 Santa Fe error blank on reverse, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00
147$25 Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
148$100 Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Nevada90.00
149$5 Seths Boiler Room movie prop, New York, New York20.00
150$5 Shamrock Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
151$25 Smith's North Shore Club, Lake Tahoe, Nevada5.00
152$5 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, Nevada90.00
153$5 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, Nevada30.00
154$25 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, Nevada180.00
155$100 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, Nevada440.00
156$25 Sparks Silver Club insert error, Sparks, Nevada30.00
1575 Stardust NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada10.00
158Lot of 4 Stations Casinos Card Cappers, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
159$5 Tahoe Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada35.00
160$25 Ta-Neva-Ho, Lake Tahoe, Nevada15.00
161$5 Tangiers movie prop, Las Vegas, Nevada25.00
162$5 Thunderbird, Las Vegas, Nevada40.00
163$5 Tom's Sunset Casino, Henderson, Nevada10.00
164$25 Tom's Sunset Casino, Henderson, Nevada40.00
165$1 Tonopah Belle (RWP), Tonopah, Nevada10.00
166$5 Tonopah Belle (RWP), Tonopah, Nevada15.00
16725 Treasure Island NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
168500 Treasure Island NCV, Las Vegas, Nevada5.00
169$100 Tropicana TR King money clip sample, Las Vegas, Nevada0.00
1705c University of Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama50.00
17110c University of Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama50.00
17225c University of Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama25.00
173Set of 6 IC (or CI) inlaid diecut chips, Unknown, Unknown5.00
174$25 Vacation Village, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
175$100 Vacation Village, Las Vegas, Nevada100.00
176$5 Westerner, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00
177Westward Ho 2nd anniv, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
178Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn black rlt 1, Las Vegas, Nevada30.00
179Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn yellow rlt 2, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00
180Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn black rlt 2, Las Vegas, Nevada20.00