Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson has been a casino chip and memorabilia collector for many years and has taken an active role in our club since joining in 2001.

Roy became our club’s Director of Property and Promotions in 2005 and at every convention since then convention attendees have seen Roy managing and working hard at our Club Promotions table where our annual chips, pins, etc. are sold. Since almost everyone who comes to our convention stops by the club table, Roy strives to make sure that he and the volunteers who work with him are positive ambassadors for our club.

In his role as Property Director, Roy is responsible for the storage, management, upkeep and inventory of the club’s records, property and merchandise. This includes accepting, on behalf of the club, all donations that members make to the club.

In 2009 Roy received our Club’s President Award, in 2011 he was a Greg Susong Memorial Award Nominee and he has received several Volunteer Appreciation Awards.

Roy’s induction into the Hall of Fame in 2017 is a statement of how important ‘volunteerism’ and ‘ambassadorship’ is to our club.

Roy and his wife, Kathy live in Las Vegas.

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