Allan Myers

Allan Myers


Allan Myers has been collecting chips longer than most members of the Club. His collections of ivory, mother-of-pearl, clay poker chips, and casino chips, as well as antique gambling and cheating devices, are among the most extensive known.

His experience and search for further information about chips and their history initially led to his contributions to Dale Seymour’s Antique Gambling Chips. Allan has written articles for Casino Chip and Token News, and is well known among the collecting hobby because of the assistance he’s provided to new collectors and his constant willingness to share whatever information he has been able to obtain.

Myers is one of the co-authors, along with Michael Knapp and Ernie Wheelden, of The Chip Rack and The Gaming Table, two standard reference works for chip collectors.

Allan and his wife Diane live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Allan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

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