Bruce Landau

Bruce Landau


Bruce Landau was one of the initial organizers of CC&GTCC, becoming Charter Member #002 and the founding Treasurer. He was an early collector of casino chips and tokens, starting on a small scale in the early 70's and expanding his collection substantially in the late 70's. He concentrated almost exclusively on Nevada chips and he was fortunate enough to make many trips to Las Vegas on business, helping to feed his hobby.

Following his term as Treasurer, Landau took on the responsibility of chairing the annual auctions when the Club began conducting them at each annual convention. His efforts, combined with those of the numerous volunteers who assisted in the auctions, resulted in the single largest money-making event for the Club each year. The annual auction has been named after Bruce in recognition of his organizational talents and as a memorial to his contributions to the hobby. He was also, after his own induction, Chairman of the Hall of Fame committee.

In 1996 Landau received an offer he couldn't refuse, and sold his entire collection. Typically, however, he immediately started collecting again, concentrating on Nevada but only on specific denominations.

There were few people in the hobby who did not know and like Bruce Landau. He was always optimistic and upbeat, and was always able to provide understanding companionship for established collectors and advice for new ones. His wife Eileen was always by his side and always helping with whatever Bruce chose to do.

Bruce Landau passed away December 19, 2002.

Bruce was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

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