Whether you choose to write or email you will discover the CC&GTCC Library has an extensive collection of reference material. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, chips, tokens, silver strikes, slot cards, room keys, Ticket In, Ticket Out (TITO) and other casino related collectibles.

The library also maintains periodicals and auction catalogs. A collection of programs are available to individuals for presentation or personal use.

Library contents

Members may borrow up to a total of 3 (three) books, auction catalogs, and video presentations at one time. Items may be requested by author, title or subject. Requests for auction catalogs should specify the dealer's name and the date of the auction. The books and catalogs are loaned for a period of one month. Always include your CC&GTCC number to validate your request along with your current shipping address. Address must correspond with that on file with the membership officer (membership@ccgtcc.com). If you have moved, please update your address before requesting loan of material. NO material will be mailed to addresses other than those currently on file.

The Club will pay the cost of sending the materials and the member will pay the cost of returning the materials. Materials must be insured for return. Insurance fees are based on the replacement value of the materials, assuring adequate coverage if the shipment is lost. Materials will be mailed USPS Library Rate.

For information, contact:

Club Librarian
C/O Wendy Schultz
539 Emden St
Henderson, NV 89105

Email: librarian@ccgtcc.com

Late and Overdue Policy

Effective 10/01/07

  1. Library orders may be extended one time, with the total borrowing period not to exceed two months.
  2. Requests for extensions must be received within one week of the original due date. Extensions will NOT be granted if there is a pending request by another member for the material or if the extensions exceed paid membership dates.
  3. All library returns not postmarked by the due date will be assessed a $5.00 fee
  4. Library returns that are received uninsured by the carrier or not insured as indicated on the postal insurance form will be assessed a $5.00 fee, in addition to any other fees incurred. A second failure to insure will result in a loss of borrowing privileges for one year from original due date.

The overdue process:

  1. If materials are not returned or extended within 30 days after the original due date a first reminder note will be sent via email or USPS. A $5.00 fee will be assessed when the materials have been returned and determined to be in good condition.
  2. If materials are not returned or extended, a second notice will be sent via USPS approximately 30 days after the first notice was mailed. A $10.00 fee will be assessed--when the materials have been returned and determined to be in good condition.
  3. If materials have not been returned after an additional 30 days, a third notice will be sent USPS Certified Mail, with return receipt. This notice will consist of a letter listing the overdue items; an invoice detailing the monetary charges owed to the CC&GTCC, and will also serve as notice that any charges will be applied to the dues renewal, if all outstanding materials and fees are not returned within the stated 30 day time period. Charges will include:
    1. The fair market replacement cost of each item
    2. $10.00 fee per item
    3. Permanent loss of borrowing privileges
    4. A warning of possible expulsion from the CC&GTCC.
  4. If materials are returned in good condition after the third letter is received, the patron’s account will be credited the fair market value of each item. However, the patron will still be liable for the $10.00 fee per item. The patron will incur a loss of borrowing privileges for one year from the date of reimbursement.
  5. If all materials are not returned for any reason, the patron file will be turned over for expulsion proceedings.
  6. If determined by the CC&GTCC Board of Directors, the patron will be expelled.