When you first arrive at The Chip Board, at the top of the page is displayed a welcome message with your name and the number of new messages that have been posted since your last visit (along with some other information).

Also, each of the messages that are new since your last visit will have the image in its title.

You can insert images in two ways..

  • First, you can manually enter them using the [pic] formatting code described on the Formatting page.
  • Second, you can include an image by typing the URL (web address) of the image in the Optional Image URL field of the Post Response box.

If you want to include an image that is not already on the Internet, you'll have to upload it first. You can upload it to your personal web space and then enter its new URL, or, if you don't have personal web space, you can upload it directly at The Chip Board and you will be given a URL to insert into your message via one of the two methods described above.

Each inline image has an abbreviation that, when inserted into your message between two asterisks (*) will result in the appropriate image being displayed in your message. For example, *g* will display the "Grin" image .

One point to remember is that there must be a space on either side of the asterisks surrounding the image abbreviation. For example, "smile *g* !" will work, but "smile*g*!" will not (note the missing spaces in the latter).

Visit the Formatting page and The Chip Board for a complete listing of the images available and their abbreviations. There you will also find other helpful formatting tips such as how to bold and italicize and how to create bulleted lists.

Absolutely, that's what they're there for. These boards are great tools for trading chips, and don't forget to use the Wanted or For Trade icons in your message titles to attract more attention to your posts.

Yes. You should read the First Time User's Message at The Chip Board.

That there is no text in the body of the message. The only text is in the title.

there are several chipping-related message boards depending on your interests:

The Chip Board (Casino Chips)

The CC&GTCC's Message Board. (CC&GTCC topics)

The Strike Point (Silver Strikes)

The Slot Card BBS (Slot Cards and Room Keys)

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