Yes. Janice O'Neal.

My personal submission: "I believe this means that, when selling or trading a casino collectible, you should never represent it as authentic if you have ANY reason to believe it is NOT authentic."

Aladdin, Orleans and Tropicana.

Jim Kruse. Andy Hughes, Greg Susong, Bob Pardue, Archie Black.

From Article 4, Section 2 of the CC&GTCC Constitution: "A Board of Directors will be comprised of the five (5) Club officers."

  1. Nate Pincus - President
  2. John Zoesch - Vice-President
  3. Mike Quinlivan - Treasurer
  4. Tyrus Mulkey - Secretary
  5. Ralph Myers - Membership Officer

Howard Herz, Dale Seymour, Harvey Fuller, Doug Saito, or Bob Mera. The following Hall of Fame members were in parts of the questions or answers: Archie Black, Janice O'Neal, Bruce Landau, Michael Knapp, Allan Myers, Ernie Wheelden and Greg Susong.

The Auction.

Archie Black.

Vince and Bettye Mowery.

Charter Member. 100.

Their mission is to purchase a building "where meetings could be held, materials stored and just have a place to call home." $50,000.

Gene Grossblatt.

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