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CJ is short for "Christy Jones". Christy Jones was a chip manufacturer who are famous for their Hat and Cane (H&C) mold chips. CJ H&C chips are distinquishable from other H&C chips by the extraordinarily shiny surface inside the hat. CJ chips are also commonly referred to as "Christies".

Contributed By: Mike Pellerin, Bob Orme, and Pete Porro

"GO" is short for a limited edition Grand Opening chip.

New Issue Service. An NIS monitors specific casinos and notifies its members when new chips become available. You can become a member of a service by subscribing to it.

Bourgoyne et Grasset. A large European manufacturer of chips and plaques. Also called B et G.

Bud Jones. One of the world's largest chip manufacturer. Known primarily for their metal center inlay type chips.

Crest and Seal chips. Clay chips produced by U.S. Playing Card Company prior to 1940. Smooth across the surface, has a plain mold and round litho inlay. Center Inlay is protected by a clear thick, possibly celluloid material.

Coin Inlay Center. Description of a specific style of chip using metallic center inserts.

Chip Set Of The Day. Commonly seen on The Chip Board.

Hat and Cane - a very common and popular type of chip mold.

Contributed By: Steven Birrell

Hot August Nights. An annual celebration in Reno in which commemorative chips are issued each year.

Hot Stamp. Primarily a gold foil imprint or embossing in the center area of a non-image chip. Other colors used can be silver; blue; red; green.

HorSeHeaD. Trademark pattern design of 16 Horse heads facing left (HHL) or 16 Horse heads facing right (HHR) edgemold. Langworthy Co. was the manufacturer.

Large Crown set Of The Day. Large Crown refers to the mold type.

No Cash Value. NCV chips are not true cheques and cannot be redeemed for face value as a cheque can. They are most often used for events such as poker tournaments.

Plastic Molded Slug Core. A style of casino chip where the plastic is molded over a metal core with parts of the core exposed. Also referred to as "Brass Core" or "Slug Core".

Round Robin. Similar to a chain letter where packages of chips, slot cards, tokens are sent to collectors who have voluntarily signed up in advance to a distribution list for the purposes of trading. When one item is removed from a Round Robin to add to one's collection, it must be replaced with a different item before sending on to the next recipient.

Scan Of Real Item. Image in scan is the actual item - not a copy or another similar item.

Unidentified Flying Chip. A term used to describe a chip of unknown origin or identification of a previously unknown chip.

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