(C) - Counterfeit

Chips that appear to come from a genuine casino, being copies of designs that actually exist or otherwise. These chips may have been made to deceive the casinos or collectors or both.

(F) - Fake

Chips that bear the name of a genuine casino but bear little or no resemblance to those actually in play. These chips may have been made to deceive collectors.

(HP) - Home Poker/Fantasy

Chips manufactured to be sold as home poker sets or purely as 'fantasy' sets. This may include chips produced in large quantities for wholesalers or private orders. Some of these may bear the name of closed casinos but with no intention ever to deceive anyone as to their origin or purpose at the time they were made. Some chips bear the name of fictitious casinos but with genuine locations, e.g., 'Key West, Las Vegas'

Note on 'Paul-Son' and 'Chipco' items: Paul-Son had a store where they sold home poker/fantasy chips. Most of the chips they sold were produced specifically for this purpose. A few were 'undelivered orders' where a casino never opened (usually license denied) or was closed down. Some Paul-Son and Chipco sets would have been private orders produced in limited numbers, others were standard stock items.

Note on 'Gamblers General' items: Gamblers General Store (GGS) run a large store in Las Vegas, supplying many different fantasy chips as home poker sets/collectibles. The chips are made exclusively by RT Plastics NV whom GGS own. Many depict closed casinos, but images generally bear no resemblance to any issued chips.

(M) - Movie props

Chips manufactured as definite movie props as opposed to later re-productions of same.

(MS) - Manufacturers Samples

Manufacturers sample chips bearing the name of fictitious casinos.

(ND) - Never delivered

Chips ordered by and made for casinos that never opened/were denied a license, closed before delivery or never paid for the chips. This includes such chips subsequently sold by Paul-son in their store of Chipco on their website. These are thus still 'genuine' chips.

(S) - Souvenirs/Promotional

Chips intended as souvenirs or for promotion/marketing even though that would not preclude their use as home poker chips.

(U) - Unknown origin

Chips where nothing is known as to the origin of the design (as opposed to the manufacturer).

Note - Custom 'Home Poker' or fantasy chips made by RT plastics, Chipco, Paul-son et al also exist in many designs which we may never be aware of.