The following is a course description for a very well received seminar given at the 2000 CC&GTCC convention.

Finally - a seminar for beginners and not-so-beginners.

Chipology 101, taught by Professor of Chipology Michael Knapp and his graduate assistant Dick Covington, will cover the what you always wanted to ask about chips but were afraid to ask because someone thought they were dumb questions.

In this seminar, there won't be any dumb questions - only dumb answers! What's the difference between a chip and a token? How do foreign chips differ from US chips? What's a jeton? What's the difference between antique chips and modern chips? Who do some people talk about poker chips - aren't they all? What¹s a crest and seal? Are inlays in the middle of a chip or around the edge? How do I read a chip description and envision what it looks like? What are the main distinguishing characteristics of chips? What does variety or variation mean? Whaddaya mean, theres stuff on a chip that I can't see?

Covington and Knapp have put together a presentation with lots of graphics illustrating their answers, and we'll bet everyone will learn something.

Chipology 101 Reference Materials