These chips were used on a casino boat in Florida called Casino Royal, then called Casino Miami.
The boat 'The Matthew Flinders' with the casino called Club Royale (note 'e') was formally the Europa Jet that came from Europa Casino Cruises. The boat began sailing July 1, 1995 and sank 8/1/95 in a hurricane. They used RT Plastic chips and less then 300 chips are know off the boat. They also sailed a second boat called Club Royale II that used chipcos.
The boat itself was named the SS Entertainer before it sank in a hurricane in 1994
The MV Enteitainer that sailed as American Casino Cruises began sailing on 4/1/95 and stopped June 96. The boat became the Casino Miami and began sailing 1/17/97 and stopped in Sept 1998 because of the treat of Hurricane George but did not sink. They started sailing using the old American Casino Cruise chips and then Casino Miami chips.
The Pyramid casino chips were sold in Paulson stores throughout the country even in the FL store as home play chips. We knew the store owner and got most of the info first hand, besides going on each of the ships mentioned above. There have been fantasy chips used on FL boats (not the Pyramid) which have been listed before.
So are these fantasy chips? You make the call.